The Jewel of the Gulf

Sidney Island, at the southern end of the Gulf Islands archipelago, between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia, is often referred to as “The Jewel of the Gulf.” Less than 20 kilometers north of Victoria, roughly on a line to Vancouver, just west of the U.S. San Juan Island, Sidney Island offers easy access, yet preserves a pristine private forest surrounded by beaches and a rich marine environment.

The climate of the Southern Gulf Islands is Mediterranean, with exceptionally pleasant, warm summers, mild winters and less than 30 inches annual rainfall.

The island is 2200 acres in size. At the north end, a lagoon and long sandspit occupy the 440 acres of Sidney Spit Marine Park. The remaining 1760 acres is entirely the private property of Sallas Forest Strata Corporation. More than 12 miles of sand and pebble beaches surround the islands 17 mile shoreline.

“We are what suns and winds and waters make us.” Walter Savage Landor