Parks Canada Forest Restoration Proposal

Early in 2018, the Sidney Island strata council received a letter and newsletter from Parks Canada outlining a proposal to support the restoration of Sidney Island`s forests  including the removal of invasive fallow deer.

The council recognizes the magnitude of this issue for Sidney Island and all owners. There are very diverse views on eradication of the fallow deer and all viewpoints need to be considered so owners have an opportunity to absorb all the information around this complex topic.

Many documents have been created and submitted by Parks Canada, scientists, strata committees and owners outlining the proposal itself and the pros and cons of pursuing the proposal.   On October 15, 2018, owners received the following letter from Council that outlines how all of this information would be distributed to owners.  All of the documents that have been sent to owners and organized per this letter are included below.

Letter to Owners from Strata Council Oct 12 2018

Parks Canada Documents

Parks Canada has prepared the following documents to help owners understand the nature and scope of the forest restoration proposal.

Sidney Island Forest Restoration Proposal

Sidney Island Forest Restoration Project Update August 2018

Q&A’s Sidney Island Forest Restoration Project August 2018

Comparing Sidney Island to Neighbouring Islands in Bloom (a photo essay)


Background Research on the Impacts of Deer Browsing

Degradation and Restoration – 5 Years of Deer Management on Sidney Island

Arcese, et al (2014) Deer Density and Plant Palatibility

Martin, et al (2011) Browsing Down our Natural Heritage

Moody (1994) Ecology of Fallow Deer of Sidney Spit Prov. Park (summary)


Owners Engagement Session – April 14, 2018

Facilitators’ Report: Sidney Island Fallow Deer Dialogue

Unanswered questions from the Engagement Session: Questions from Owners April 14 2018

Alternative to Eradication: Sidney Island Proposed Deer Population Reduction Plan


Discussion Papers on the History & Results of Deer Management

Deer Management: on Sidney Island: background and a brief history, February 2020

Extirpation of Fallow Deer From Sidney Island – Peter H. Pearse

Graph – Deer Removals & Estimated Minimum Population – Ken Poskitt & Vic Johnston

Deer Management on Sidney Island – K Poskitt

Future Methods & Costs of Fallow Deer Management – K Poskitt


Owner’s Letters

Feedback to the Steering Committee on the Eradication and Restoration of Sidney Island

Members of Council 11 Nov 2019

Response to Parks Canada Draft MOU 6 Nov 2019

Restoring a Precious Ecosystem 10 Dec 2019

Sidney Island Deer Control 2006-2018 and Beyond


Community Documents

Sallas Forest Statutory Building Scheme

Sallas Forest 2016-AGM-Community-Development-Plan


Support from Other Key Stakeholders

Support for Restoration from BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Islands Trust Support for Restoration

(First Nations) WSANEC perspectives on restoring Sidney Island

Eco Committee Response to Park’s Proposal

Things to know about eradication of fallow deer

Parks Canada Presentations March/April 2018 & Video

Video – Parks Canada Tour with Tara Martin (password: Sidney Island)

Coast Conservation Eradication Presentation

Tara Martin Shifting Baseline Presentation

Gulf Island and Deer

Forest Restoration Presentation


Legal Opinions:

Reid Pope Opinion

Christine Elliott Law Group Opinion

Documents referenced in Elliott Law Opinion