Vision and Values

Sidney Island Vision and Values

Sallas Forest Strata (SFS) on Sidney Island is the most desirable and sustainable residential and recreational property in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

Values Statements for Sallas Forest Strata

  • We value a healthy natural environment for the enjoyment of current and future members of the SFS community and are guided in its recovery and preservation by our commitment to sustainable practices.
  • We value the development of a well-planned, environmentally sensitive, safe, and secure built environment for residential and recreational use and are guided in this development by sustainable practices.
  • We value a community with a strong social network that is inclusive of all owners and respects the diversity of motivations for being an owner.
  • We value the safety and security of our community and our island environment
  • We value the history of our island.
  • We value a collaborative, responsive, and efficient governance structure that respects community views, encourages active participation of owners, and functions in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • We value owners’ rights to privacy and autonomy on their property, consistent with the legal structure of a bare land strata in British Columbia and other measures including our own bylaws.